Big Juicy Disclaimers! Ready? Ok.

WooCamp is NOT a WordCamp!

And there’s a reason.

Not (yet) sponsored by WooCommerce.

But we think it should be! That would only make sense, right?

Here’s a brief rundown:

No lame corporate sponsorship. No squeeze balls, pens, and stickers in the lobby. There needs to be corporate sponsors, but it needs to be WooCommerce specific ~ WooCommerce plugin authors, customization firms, …other ideas?
Tracks and “breakouts” that are geared towards W-O-R-K!! 2hr minimum for each session. Ample room for laptops and tablets. Less MONOlogue. More DIALOGUE! Specifically, each session is purposely geared for taking questions, then DOING the solution right then and there. BOOM!  This is a get sh!t D-O-N-E type of camp.  There will be NONE of this format: One person talks for 45 minutes, then takes questions for 15 minutes and actually attempts to explain several different answers in that miniscule 15 minute interval. That’s crap, and it ain’t gonna fly for this event!

Session ideas:

  1. SEO for WooCommerce: What parts of Woo affect what parts of SEO?
  2. How to style WooCommerce pages: Hooks and filters that are dependent on Woo’s layout
  3. Creating a WooCommerce Theme: What to do & what to never do
  4. Social Marketing for WooCommerce: Pragmatic programming, plugins, and promotions that gain exposure and pageviews
  5. Understanding the Online Consumer: What are they thinking? How to understand the buying process.
  6. How to w/ Woo: Add functions and customizations: How do I ____________?
  7. Adding Woo customizations correctly: Where do I put my customization?
  8. How to turn customers into Brand Ambassadors and get them to rave about you online: Moving past a simple ‘review’ left on the site! How to learn from their purchase and get similar purchases from what you’ve learned.
  9. Platforms for Affiliate Marketing your Woo based site: How to set them up. How to establish an affiliate amount. How to incentivize those affiliates to grow profits.

Now that’s just a short list of ideas.

Here’s some more about ‘why’ and what I expect for all attendees:

  • WordCamps are usually too crowded.  All attendees of WooCamp will have room in each session for a laptop, paper, pen, and a coffee cup without being all up in their neighbor’s grill!
  • I do NOT want to listen to a speaker tell me about something.  All the attendees will be taught by someone with the heart of a teacher! We will DO and ask question WHILE it’s being taught! BOOM!
  • Event venue will be a retreat. NOT a hotel, college, or traditional conference type of setting.
  • There WILL be professional video production in each session.  None of this hooplah of some busted up camera, crappy mic, questionable audio, and stationary camera.  In other words, if you cannot attend the WooCamp, then you WILL be given an opportunity to experience the event via video. Not maybe, not possibly, not ‘so-and-so said they would / might upload it to some youtube channel‘, no compromise!  Professional mics, great audio, dedicated output from the presenter’s laptop, video switcher, 3 camera operators per room, …. In case you can’t tell, I’m really passionate about this part.
  • Food will be awesome! Sorry, but a sandwich and hotel food? I’m done with that, and it ain’t gonna happen.  This food has GOT to be UNFORGETTABLE!
  • I think the speakers should be ‘whomever’. In other words, all this ‘vetting’ that happens at WordCamps is totally out the friggin’ window.  Basically, I don’t care if you’ve got a plugin on Envato.  All speakers will know their sh!t and be able to teach it to others!

Those are my uncompromising principles for WooCamp!

Your thoughts? Want to be considered for speaking at a session?  Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Got any great ideas for sessions?

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